Tuesday, February 8, 2011

OBIEE 11g Installation- RCU

OBIEE 11g Installation- RCU (Repository Creation Utility)- Schema Installation

Finally after installing OBIEE 11g successfully a number of times I got a chance to document and create a run-book that I can share. In this article I am covering creation of certain schemas in the database which are required to install and configure OBIEE 11g R1. A utility provide by Oracle called Repository Creation Utility (RCU) is used to create these schemas required by OBIEE 11g.

My Machine has the following configuration:
Intel Core Duo 2.2 GHz / 3GB / Windows 2003 R2 EE

RCU Installation Files are available here.

System Requirements and Specifications are available here.

One Important step is to install Microsoft Loopback adapter with static IP as described here.

Once Microsoft Loopback adapter is installed go to My Network Places and choose Properties. This displays the Network Connections Control Panel.

Right-click on the network connection that was just created and to properties. In General tab select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP and click on Properties. Click use the following IP address in the IP Address field enter a non-routable IP for the loopback adapter (I used

In Subnet mask: enter Leave other field at their default values. Click OK. It is a good point to restart your PC.

To Start the Repository Creation Utility

1.     Extract the downloaded .zip file and access the bin directory in the RCU_HOME.
2.     Run rcu.bat file.
3.     Welcome Screen

4.     Click Next.

5.     Create Repository Screen

6.     Select Create.

7.     Click Next.

8.     Database Connection Details Screen

Select Oracle Database as Database Type and provide the following information:
·         Host Name: Specify the name of the computer on which your database resides in the format host.domain.com
·         Port: Specify the database listener port number. The default port number for Oracle databases is 1521.
·         Database Name: Specify the service name for the database.
·         Username: Specify the name of a user with DBA or SYSDBA privileges.
·         Password: Specify the password for the user with DBA or SYSDBA privileges.
·         Role: Select the database user's role from the drop-down list.

9.     Select Components Screen

Click on radio button for Create a new Prefix. Type in the new Prefix, we selected Dev in this case.
Click the Business Intelligence check box. This automatically selects the Metadata Services (MDS) and Business Intelligence Platform schemas, which are required by Oracle Business Intelligence.
Click Next.

Click OK to close the Checking Prerequisite screen. Fix errors if they appear before continuing.

10.  Schema Passwords Screen

Create a password for all the schemas. I selected oraclebi1.

11.  Map Tablespaces Screen

Click Next.

The Creating Tablespaces screen opens.

If there are errors, fix them and click on Next again else click OK to close the window.

12.  Summary Screen

Click Create.

The Create screen opens. If there are errors, fix them to continue else click OK to dismiss the screen.

13.  Completion Summary Screen

Click Close.

This completes installation of required schemas for OBIEE 11g.



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