Friday, October 1, 2010

OBIEE 11g vs OBIEE 10g

OBIEE Interview Question: What are the new features added/changes made in OBIEE 11g compared to OBIEE 10g?

There are a lot of enhancements in the OBIEE 11g as compared to OBIEE 10g. Here are few points to talk during an interview:
  • OBIEE 11g uses WebLogic Server as the application server as compared to Oracle AS or OC4J in OBIEE 10g.
  • The clustering process in much easier and automated in OBIEE 11g.
  • We can now model lookup tables in the repository.
  • The new UI called Unified Framework now combines Answers, Dashboards, and Delivers.
  • A new column called the hierarchical column in introduced.
  • BI Publishers is fully and seamlessly integrated with OBIEE 11g.
  • New time series functions PERIOD ROLLING and AGGREGATE AT are introduced.
  • In OBIEE 11g we can create KPIs to represent business metrics.
  • The aggregate persistence wizard creates indexes automatically.
  • The session variables get initialized when they are actually used in OBIEE 11g unlike OBIEE 10g where they were initialized as soon as a user logs in.
  • OBIEE 11g now supports Ragged (Unbalanced) and Skipped Hierarchy.
  • You can also define Parent-Child hierarchy in OBIEE 11g as well.
  • SELECT_PHYSICAL command is supported in OBIEE 11g.

In OBIEE 11g there are some changes in the terminology as well.

  • iBots are renamed as Agents.
  • Requests are renamed as Analyses.
  • Charts are renamed as Graphs.
  • Presentation Columns are renamed as Attribute Columns.

There are of course a lot more changes and updates but these are few that you can talk about in an interview. More information is available
here and here.



  1. Hi Deepak,
    Thanks for sharing this useful information.I am new to OBIEE and I have to implement this for a client but I am not sure should we suggest 10g or go for 11g? Client currently has Oracle 10g DB and will be upgrading to 11g DB end of this year. Also, I understand OBIEE 11g was released last year in Sept so it's not stable yet so my question to you is "Which version of OBIEE you will recommend and why?"
    I will be thankful if you can advice me on this.

  2. this is very useful material and thanks for mentioning all the points in detail.

  3. @Jay:
    I think it will be the right time for anyone to invest on OBIEE 11g as much more stable version .6 is released.

    Hope life will be easy. :-)