Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Interview Question: OBIEE Project Life Cycle

People will usually ask an experienced OBIEE resource if she has full life cycle implementation experience in OBIEE and to tell about the phases in the BI project.

As an OBIEE Developer, not everyone work during the whole life cycle of the project. This is especially true for contractors. Considering the RUP there are four life cycle phases of a project- inception, elaboration, construction, and transition. As an OBIEE developer you will be mostly working during the designing, developing, testing, and implementing phase. Sometimes there is involvement in requirements gathering phase but more chances are to work in the refining the requirements.

After explaining this you can tell about the project life cycle as below:

1.  The initiation/inception phase: Creating business case, Project planning and feasibility study.
2.  The elaboration/planning phase: Resource Planning, Requirements gathering and analysis
3. The execution/development phase: Design and development. This is where as an OBIEE developer I worked the most.
4.  The transition/closure phase: Deployment, operations and maintenance.



  1. Wonderful. short but so indepth. appreciate it.thanks!!

  2. wonderful it help me to face an interview