Sunday, April 17, 2011

OBIEE 11g Query Log- Log Level

How to define log level in OBIEE 11g? 

When enabled, OBIEE creates a query log in NQQuery.log file which is located by default at {Middleware_Home/instances/instance1/diagnostics/logs/OracleBIServerComponent/coreapplication_obis1. The query long becomes very handy in testing environment and troubleshooting. Click here for more details on Query Log and Log Level.

In 10g, it was simple. Open your repository in Oracle BI Administration tool, from the file menu go to Manage> Security > Users. Double click a user to go to properties and set the logging level.

Well, let's try the same in OBIEE 11g, let's go to Manage> Identity.

Where are my users?

Now, in OBIEE 11g, the users security/identify store is defined in Weblogic server. To define log level open your repository in online mode in Oracle BI Admin tool, go to Manage> Identity. Now, you can see the defined users. 

Double click on a user name to see properties. Set logging level by using up and down arrow. Log level is defined from 1 to 5. Click here to get more information on logging level. 

Click OK, check in your changes, save the repository. Restart BI Services and next time this user logs in you will be able to see the query logs being generated.




  1. hi deepak...
    can we customize OBI Reports on the fly to cahge the logo, add pictures, change header & footer when needed. Pls. reply earlist.

  2. In and above, the Administration tool only displays Application roles by default (with weblogic user as a possible exception).
    If you do not see the list of users, In the Identity option, select Action and Set Online User Filter. You can apply any filter to username and fetch the users. The field is empty by default (because of that you did not see any users), if you enter * it will fetch all users ((empty for no fetch).