Tuesday, November 9, 2010

OBIEE 10g: Log Level in Production Environment

OBIEE Interview Question: What should be log level in production environment?

This is in continuation of my previous post regarding log levels.

The log level is set to 0 (zero) in the production environment. Tracking query logging is a resource intensive process and can strain the system, especially when you are dealing with hundreds of users in the production environment. In production environment you would rather use the Usage Tracking as the production level logging facility.

Log levels are usually set to some value when we are in the testing phase of the OBIEE deployment. As described in my previous post, in case of troubleshooting, we can use temporary log level. This can be done by using the following just before the query.

Set Variable LOGLEVEL=n;

More details are available in Oracle Business Intelligence Server Administration Guide linked here.


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